Onward to Another Year

Last year was quite the year for me personally, professionally, and creatively. There was just a lot of change. One them that stuck throughout was just “re-thinking how I do things”. I was pretty comfy in my tools, gear, and workflows and had become curious about other methods. It quickly turned into a rabbit hole 😆. Workflows I spent several months last year kind of re-thinking workflows. This ranged from how I work and the tools I use to get that work done to the architecture of code I write to improve iteration time....

January 21, 2024

Melted Rust

TL;DR: So I’m not entirely sure if my CPU is completely hosed at this point and I’ll have to be getting a new one soon, but I was running into some insane errors while compiling rust recently. Turns out my CPU can’t compile rust reliably when thermal throttled. I’ve been on this PC build for a little over a year now. The CPU is an Intel i9-13900K. It’s also a custom build....

January 20, 2024

Godot, Powershell, and GdExt

New Year, more Godot! I’m finally taking the time to make my windows environment as comfy as I can make it. My day job has me working on macOS/linux so I’m familiar with just running stuff with simple shell scripts, maybe a makefile, and I’m off to the races. With Godot I’m developing primarily on Windows, in Neovim, and using the Rust GDExtension. Trying to stay in the flow of coding and iterating starts to become important so today I decided to spend some time setting up some scripts to help with that flow....

January 12, 2024

Godot, Neovim, and Windows

This took longer than I care to admit. I work both in MacOS and Windows daily. Recently I wanted to setup Godot’s LSP with neovim on Windows and it turned out more tricky than I would have liked. The crux of the issue was trying to get the LSP configured to use netcat instead on windows. I’m also using the LazyVim distro. Long story short, under my plugins folder I have a lsp....

December 8, 2023

Barriers to Writing

The burden of trying to do longer form blogging can certainly be a bit much. I think as time has passed and experienced gained the self awareness of how little I actually know became an overriding force for me to not put anything together. Also getting a post together always ends up a way bigger task than I think. In truth, I’ve been writing a lot. Just not on any public facing platform....

August 28, 2023

Errors All Day

Today I had to install nodejs on a new dev machine for a separate project. I did the reasonable thing and went to nodejs.org and installed from there. Little did I know what insanity I was in for. After it finished spewing garbage all over my dev machine for several minutes, I went back and tried to remove as much of the cruft as I could and went with nvm-windows. It installed in half a second, and installed a version of node even quicker, and no ridiculious other dependencies....

February 14, 2023

Tools in 2023

This month I’ve been thinking a lot about the tooling I’m using to get through the day, learn things, and manage things. I felt the tools could be simplified, changed, improved, or consolidated. I started with a nuclear approach and tried to see if I could do: Task management Reading stashes Note Taking Project management …all in 1 app: Notion. It was a fun exercise and I found some real powerful features there, but I also discovered I valued UX a lot....

January 17, 2023

Loading Fonts in UE5's Slate

I’m currently deep in UMG/Slate with UE5. It’s been a few years since I’ve worked in Unreal regularly. And it’s also the first time I’m stepping into Slate proper. I recently had the need to load up a font just for some custom styling on a slate widget I don’t have fully exposed in UMG. After some digging I got to this nugget of info: NormalText = FTextBlockStyle() .SetFont(FSlateFontInfo(FPaths::ProjectContentDir() / TEXT("UI/Fonts/MyFont....

January 5, 2023

Using a specific canvas element for bevy

Bevy works well on the web! One of the things that took me some digging is how to get bevy to not create and inject a canvas element but instead use one that is already in the DOM. Below is a snippet of how to do this in rust as well as the corresponding HTML. Hopefully this saves someone some time! I needed this in a prototype to see if I could get bevy and yew to work well together....

July 22, 2022

Taking Flight

Like many of us in this pandemic, I’ve picked up a hobby over the last year. It’s been fun learning to build, fly, and eventually wreck these little winged terrors.

January 22, 2022