6 New Images in the Development Gallery

Ok so I had the GeSHi blitzmax language file scheduled to be done by last weekend. Got caught up in more important development matters. I still plan on doing a full port for it, just not at the moment. I’ll probably get around to it when I’m ready to post another code sample or a tutorial for blitzmax. Nothing too exciting to really post about at this moment. Well…there’s plenty of things to post about. Most aren’t meant to be posted as it doesn’t fit here and other things I’m not at liberty to say…

Anyway, check out the image galleries and you’ll find some early development screenshots of StarGazer, a simple 2D puzzle/search game. Also some screenies of the 2D world editor I’m currently developing. Lots of plans for the editor :).

I leave you with this amusing conversation:

Adam S.: your estimation runs for up and back right?
Alex: no. Just the quarter of the way there
Adam S.: okay well see…
Adam S.: thats where you have to multiply by four
Adam S.: it’s like you have a pie, and you cut the pie into four equal pieces
Adam S.: you’re only counting for one piece
Adam S.: also this pie costs 600 dollars
Alex: it’s one hell of a pie
Adam S.: unforgettable…