I had a long weekend and took some of the extra time to try to get ahead of schedule. Much to my surprise I got a rather good chunk of the ‘to-do’ list done thanks to XNA game components and open-source libraries. I posted a list of the libraries and components I’m currently using for my game and where to get them. I’ve also made a library of classes for loading Endgen map files into XNA. So far it’ll only load lines (since I have no art yet). You’ll also find an early screenshot in the gallery and on the post.

My 3rd Dev Blog Post

More updates soon. In other news, I got the Battlefield 2142 demo and I have to say it is a decent improvement upon BF2. The unlock system kind of makes it more gimmicky since I’m more interested in fair competition rather than some MMO style of play. I haven’t had too much time to play it, so hopefully it’s just an initial impression.