Every once in a while I see a game that really goes off in a different direction. Sometimes it’s a gameplay innovation/evolution other times it’s a visual style that seems so out there that I can’t help but appreciate it. Games like this just reaffirm the fact that games can be art. It really takes an open mind to break free of typical game conventions such as creating photorealistic graphics, or going for the typical cartoon style of graphics seen in many 2D games. While reading the Blitz forums someone posted a link to a teaser for a game that seems to be doing just that. The art is very intriguing and I can’t wait to see more. Go check it out:


On a more silly note, this little website generates names that would be applicable to games (some are a bit iffy). Regardless, some are halarious while other are just plain wrong :o. There are a few that are almost good enough to warrant further investigation to actually make a quick game. Some of the ones I found funny are:

  • Yoshi’s Nazi Trilogy
  • Barbie’s Income Tax Crisis
  • Indiana Jones and the Bazooka Slaughter
  • Drunken Duck – The Movie
  • Battlefield: Spelunking Revolution
  • Creepy Caveman Fight
  • Tony Hawk’s Ninja Tycoon
  • Fisher Price Burger vs. Street Fighter

The Video Game Name Generator