Phew! What a busy week that was! I got several components fixed/added into the editor to better support XNA’s graphics pipeline. I still need to implement the ‘smart import’ so I can save time (maybe hours) from cutting up images by myself to import individually. I made another blog post on the status of Wildboarders.

My 4th Dev Blog Entry

I’ve reached a stage in the development of this game where I’m sensing the transition is moving from ‘foundation laying’ (the fun part) to the real effort (not so fun) part of the development. The effort being in adding in all the little things you said you’d go back and add in or fix when you were doing the big parts of the game like the physics, menus, levels, etc. I think it’s important that I’m aware of this change, otherwise I’d spend days trying to find another ‘major’ part to do and not really get much done. I spent a part of saturday and all of sunday working on this game, but the results aren’t very tangible. It’s not like one day you have no physics and the next day you do. It’s more like one day you have your polygons loading and the next day you have them loading faster and not leaking memory. It’s an issue, but not something your end user will actually notice ;). So at the end of the day, it’s really hard to say how much progress you’ve made by just looking at the game running. To-do lists are great for keeping track of these menial tasks, and alteast gives you some indication of progress.

I’ve now got to do all those ‘little things’ for the editor and game while the art assets are being made. On the plus side, the core mechanic is very playable. I found myself spending more time playing the barren levels than I should have been. I take it as a good sign :D. Prototyping is invaluable with this situation. I got the core mechanic implemented very early, and now that I know it works I can go back and make a game around it.

I’ve uploaded some concept art and a small video of the prototype in action. Check out the gallery for the concept art.

And with that, I am out of here.