Hmmm… 4 hours of sleep. What a splendid way to start off the week :|. Spent the weekend working on my game, along with a healthy dose of gaming and much needed sleep. It’s getting cold here in Atlanta and I left my warm jacket at my parent’s place in Montgomery, so it’s been a bit chilly getting to work. Anyway, made a new post over at the homebrew contest. I hope it’s coherent since I wrote it at the last minute and half asleep.

My 6th Dev Blog Entry

This week is going to be full of adding features to the editor and refactoring game code so I can make maps more easily for the game . I also just came across a rare instance where a ‘polish’ type feature has now become a necessity. I need to add camera zooming. Right now the image’s are much too zoomed in and it’s hard to see the artwork for the landscape without falling into the pits. I guess I could make the object of the game to be to find the biggest pit and jump into it :o. Still alot of work left to be done. I posted some new screenshots in the development gallery that you should check out. There’s a new main menu screenshot for Wildboarders in there along with some in-game screens. Might be writing a short ‘add-on’ tutorial for my camera 2D tutorial I posted last week. Next week, if everything goes to plan, I’ll have a new video of the gameplay to show, along with some more screenshots.

In other news, it looks like the XNA Team is preparing for another beta release for XNA studio express. There are no details as to what will be added, changed, or fixed yet. I'm curious if they'll be adding in the content pipeline in the beta. The biggest surprise would be if they added some sort of cross-platform networking support, even if it would just support windows for now and later expand to xbox live that would be awesome. Far fetched, but hey, it'll be Christmas soon :D.