So this week is the final week of the xbox360 homebrew contest. I can’t wait to see and play all the games to be released this weekend :D. I wrote up the final dev blog post before the due date on Monday. I had an issue getting XNA games to run on typical user machines, but was able to resolve it thanks to another fellow game developer in the contest! It seems rather weird, but fortunate, that my editor and game has kind of hit ‘critical mass’. What I mean is in the editor it is now a pleasure rather than a pain to do a level. And as for the game, all of the hooks, callbacks, frameworks, etc are in place so now if I need to add something it’s simply just adding a class and inserting it into the correct update loop. So development is speedy as ever. Last night I created a whole finished level in a couple of hours, rather than days. So that’s progress, if anything. Not only that, but due to some art pipeline improvements and refactoring in the edtior, I’ve increased memory efficiency by a lot.

I’m still trying to keep my project plan for WildBoarders as up-to-date as possible. At least it covers what has been done, while things that still need to be might not be listed on there yet (I keep a hard copy list). The contest is winding down but the work needing to be done isn’t. I may start posting a bit more frequently until the 9th to update on my daily progress if I have the time. Until then, see-ya.