For some reason I’ve been listening to APC a lot lately (can you tell?). Maybe it’s been the numerous all-nighters I’ve pulled recently and this music soothes me late at night. It’s been too busy the past few weeks for me to sit down and gather some thoughts for a post. Been hard at work with the new game for Dream Build Play, along with life’s other issues. Don’t have much to show at the moment as everything is a bit too early in development, but I figured I’d at least post one of the concepts by Adam (below).

For those that didn’t notice the comments in the previous post, several XNA developers were featured in the April issue of OXM (Official XBox Magazine), including me :). It’s kinda cool seeing your name in print. Go check it out if you want to read up on some more XNA goodness!

I’ve noticed quiet a few people have been wanting an updated version of my simple Camera2D tutorial that would work with XNA 1.0. This week is looking pretty busy so no promises, but I’ll try to get one up. Well, I got to get back to work. Look for more news about our game in the coming month or so as we edge ever closer to completion.