Its been quiet on my blog and the End Dream site, due to me being on vacation. And man, was the beach great! Now I have to get back into the daily work routine :(. Oh well, that’s life as it seems. So we’ve got an update for Gunstyle available to any irc #xna chatters on EFNet at the moment. A lot of the major core building and development is done with Gunstyle and we are now shifting into more of a ‘polish’ mode to fix bugs and tring to create an accessible, easy, and hassle-free multiplayer experience.

It feels great to have the game finally submitted to the Dream.Build.Play contest, and go on vacation straight after for a well deserved rest :D. We’re not going to release any hard dates on when the next update will be, but the plan currently is to keep the beta closed to irc until contest winners are announced. This is to keep multiple versions at the same time to a minimum and allows us time to fix more issues for the next patch. What’ll be in the next update? Don’t have a final list for you right now, but the tentative agenda currently is:

  • Customizable controls
  • Some master server fixes to iron out some connectivity issues
  • Address some of the performance issues with larger numbers of players
  • Have some integrated patching system to allow for more user-friendly updates

That’s just a few of the issues we’ll be hopefully addressing in this next update. Speaking of patching, we still haven’t decided whether to do our own custom solution in .NET or to use a 3rd-party solution like Xpatcher. If anyone’s got any experience with Xpatcher, I would love to hear your opinions on it.