It has been a while since my last blog post :(. If you’ve been following my twitter account though you’d know it’s still been a busy last couple of months. I’ve been developing things on several fronts lately. For one, I’ve been busy developing some supporting code to hook Opensteer into C4 in a more seamless matter and work with C4’s constructs in mind. It’s a project related to some school work, which has proven to be challenging and fun. Hopefully the students in the video game design class that I did this AI library for will find my work at least useful for their games.

In other news, I had a inspirational fever lately as I’ve come to understand a lot more of how physics and animation work due to a class I’m attending. I decided it’d be a fun spring break project if I could apply what I’ve learned to a simple 2D physics demo. Maybe it’ll grow to something more, but for now it’s more of an exploration and an excuse to work in Blitzmax again.

I’ve started the registration process for developing on the iPhone and it’s proven to be rather headache inducing lately with trying to get all the paperwork in order. After yet another delay, I won’t be able to start deploying apps on my iPhone for at least another 2 weeks. Damn. The iPhone game development venue seems promising, but the window is closing fast for anyone wishing to make a decent amount of money with minimal marketing effort. With the announcement of iPhone OS 3.0, and all the new features it’ll boast it makes the platform even more exciting to develop for. One of the more interesting development I think is the ability to ‘subscribe’ to apps and also buy additional content for particular apps. This type of business model would maybe give way to the first true ‘MMO’ (and I use the ‘Massively’ M loosely here) on the iPhone that can sustain itself? Interesting indeed.

Finally, I’m still chugging away at my Xbox Live Community Game. No idea when it’ll be done and there is no name for it yet. All I can pretty much say is it is a stylistic platformer. I recently got a parallax system working that I’m finally satisfied with. Also spent a couple of hours with Adam browsing music sites for potential audio soundtracks and we came up with some interesting possibilities. A lot of our musical choices leans more towards the ‘classical’ genre, so it’s not your typical uppity/pop/techno game music. I really hope as things solidify I’ll finally be able to post some media to show off the progress of my games. Until then, I’m focusing on finishing my last semester in school, looking for a developer job (preferably game industry related), and working on these game projects in the meantime.