Here I was thinking that once Tilt to Live was out the door, that it’d calm down a bit and I’d get a breather to rest for a few days. Wrong. Running off the early buzz of Tilt to Live we took it as an opportunity to generate some extra excitement for our upcoming updates. It was a very weird shift going from a mostly ‘quiet’ development cycle of just spending days coding away to suddenly spending the majority of the next few weeks doing PR, marketing, chatting with players, etc. It’s been one hell of a balancing act since release despite knowing that releasing a game is only half the battle.

With that being said, my workload has pretty much exploded. And as a result, my updates here have been lagging. Things worth noting as of late (for me at least):

  • Tilt to Live was selected as one of Touch Arcade’s Games of the Month. We were honored to receive the ever elusive 5-star rating from them as well. Thanks TA!
  • Tilt to Live popped up on Joystiq earlier this week as well as on their podcast a few weeks ago. Awesome!

I’m afraid to say posts on here are going to be rather infrequent for the next couple of months. I’m anticipating that around July I’ll have all my stuff sorted out and finally be able to get back on a more regular schedule. I’m hoping to do some more tips and tutorials in the future as well. But until that time, just hang tight. 😀