About to head out for a week into the rockies for some fun snowboarding :D. So I won’t be able to keep up with e-mail, twitter, or the blog for the next week and I’m currently in a rush to pack. I didn’t want to just leave for a week without explanation though.

In any case, I still use iSimulate for testing Tilt to Live on the simulator. Having already written about the great benefits of using something like iSimulate I won’t go into the details again. Recently, I was trying to create a trailer for our upcoming ‘Viva La Turret’ DLC for Tilt to Live. I was using ScreenFlow along with iSimulate to capture video and iSimulate was performing extremely poorly. Knowing iSimulate uses Wi-fi to transmite the tilt data I turned off all wi-fi devices in my apartment thinking there was some sort of interference. Then I looked at my phone and realized bluetooth was enabled. Turning it off solved the problem. Googling for bluetooth and wifi intereference turns up a lot of similar cases, I just haven’t experienced it in development yet. I figured I’d pass that along.

‘Til next week!