Taking the “conflict” out of shared roles:


We opted to do a ‘ranked preference’ for role selection in SFT. Instead of players joining/leaving and selecting anywhere from 1-3 players to control and then having more UI flow when conflicts arise, or a character is left unselected, or a few other scenarios, we simply take everyone’s preference list and the game deals out character roles based on them. If there’s a “tie” (for instance two or more have captain as their first choice) it’ll be random who gets it. This means:

  1. One UI (simpler implementation)
  2. No timing based conflicts or resolutions to manage
  3. More control over how players are distributed.

The core reasoning behind going for this system was also due to the game always has 4 valid characters. You can’t play SFT without one of the roles. If a player drops mid-game, the host takes over that player’s role. The key influence for this system was from Evolve. A fine game I might add that I think deserves way more credit than it has received.