One of the issues with game development that’s become more apparent over the years was dealing with splitting time between new game development and bug fixes/maintenance. When we first released games, they were much simpler, and as a result had less bugs to deal with. You could spend the majority of your time working on new features.

Nowadays, our games have become so large that as the solo developer, even I can’t keep everything in my head straight on how certain systems were implemented. More importantly, after a certain amount of games, my time working on ‘newer projects’ as shrunk to a point where it starts to impede on progress.

That is the price you pay I suppose for running mobile multiplayer games. I’m finding things far more stable on the PC side of things. While there are issues I wish to address on PC for SFT, mobile stuff such as Outwitters/SFT become quite the chore as the OS’s they run on change so fast and drastically that it can potentially totally break those games. Just this month I spent a decent chunk of time updating Outwitters to get it to a point where it should be “fine” for at least the next year? That’s how tenuous some of the services and OS features are on mobile. And games like Gauntlet’s Revenge on Android has some store issues that, in order to fix, would require more toiling away with updates that simply wouldn’t be worth it. I think it may be our first game we will have to discontinue and remove from the  Google Play Store 🙁 .